Food (Cakes, Sandwiches, Vegan stuff - wonderful food!)

Here at Offshore, we don’t like to stick to the same menu every day – we love to mix it up a bit. Obviously this means we can’t give you a menu, so you’ll just have to trust us! We can, however, promise you delicious cakes, sandwiches and hot food made fresh. There is always something for everyone – including a vegan selection! We hope you’ll pop in soon and try it out.

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Drinks (liquid based beverages of all types)

As a coffee shop, it’d be a bit weird if we didn’t have a great selection of coffee. We love coffee. We love making coffee. We love drinking coffee. So if you also love coffee, you’re in the right place!

But if you aren’t a coffee fan, or are on your 6th coffee of the day and need something to calm you down (we’ve all been there), we offer plenty of other drinks. Tea, lots of different tea; juice; hot chocolate – and other liquid based beverages that don’t fall under those categories. Just tell us what you feel like and we’ll see what we can do.